Large Linkit Balloons - Create your own balloon garland


A linkit balloon garland is the missing link from your party decorations! Now you can make your own by choosing the colours to match your party theme. 

They are so easy to put together, just pump up, tie in a knot, then use the long tail on one end to tie the balloons together to make a stunningly simple garland. 

These large linkit balloons are 12" and available in lots of colours and confetti filled variations. Each pack of solid colours contains 5 balloons. Each pack of confetti-filled contains 3 balloons. Get a few packs and create your own unique balloon garland.

We recommend inflating with air using a balloon pump.

Pack contains: 
Solid colour  : 5 x 12" linkit balloons in your chosen colour.
Pre-filled Confetti : 3 x 12" linkit balloons

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