Learn with Lou: Balloon Clouding Fundamentals Online Class

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Abbie H.
Informative Class

I finished watching Lou's Online Balloon Class on Sunday eve and I cannot wait to use some of my new Tuftex balloons to create my balloon cloud/garland.
I already know a bit about creating clouds and garlands but it is so nice to see how others work and gather new tips along the way!
I love the way Lou uses colour and texture and the bit about customising colours is amazing!!
This is such an informative class and very professional and I would most definitely recommend this to anyone.

Kathryn H
I loved the class!

Hello Party’s new balloon class teaches you in your own home how to create the dreamy, high impact balloon installations that you see all over social media. Hello Party reveals a completely unique (and easy to understand!) technique for assembling professional-standard balloon clouds. The e-class is packed with secrets from the trade: how to create new balloon colours, guidance about choosing your sizes and strategies for making your creation look even more professional. I highly recommend this course whether you are a complete beginner or someone already working in the industry.

I loved the class! It’s packed with secrets of the trade and I feel confident I can now create the dreamy, high impact balloon installations that you see all over social media! 🎈

Sarah M.
Thank you Lou for this master class of brilliance. 🎈

Just finished Lou’s balloon class & I now can not wait to get going with my next balloon cloud!

It’s so informative & goes above and beyond what I imagined. It’s a MUST HAVE if you want to learn the art of creating those Instagrammable balloon clouds. Lots of insider knowledge, tricks and tips which are time-saving, not to mention fun. All of which I can view any time from home!