Hooray! We've finally gotten around to getting our NEW Hello Party blog sorted. Thanks for stopping by and joining the party.

Our original blog hadn't been updated for over a year and was seriously neglected so I have transferred some of these very old blog posts to form an archive. From now on though we'll be bringing you regular party inspiration, DIY ideas and much more, so I hope you'll stick around. Why not subscribe to our newsletter and we'll let you know when we post anything new. You'll also get a code to get 10% off your first order from HelloParty.com so what have you got to lose?

For those of you that haven't been here before, I'll give you a little background... writing this post is Lou, Hiya! I am one-half of the Hello Party gang (it is a very small gang of just 2 people). You may have seen me on Instagram (@hellopartyinsta) as I tend to be in charge of the photography and creative side of the business. I am a graphic designer and have run a graphic design and print company with Gerry (more on him later) for 13 years. I am married and have a Miniature Schnauzer called Poppy who is my best chum. When not busy, surrounded by balloons, I regularly go on walks with Poppy and enjoy taking photos of nature, flowers and pretty things.

Hello Party Poppy Dog

This is my Poppy dog! 😍  Photo by me!

Gerry, who you are more likely to find on Twitter (@hellopartyuk), is the other half of Hello Party. He is a super, fun guy and is married with 4 children! Yes, 4! So you can imagine the amount of parties he’s thrown in his time. Being the serious side of our graphic design & print business, managing the business, in charge of accounts, sales and such (whilst I just do the pretty and creative stuff) Gerry likes to let his hair down (if he had any) and have fun with Hello Party. 

Hello Party was a dream of Gerry and mine many years ago. The idea was to produce personalisable party posters, banners and bunting to make the guest of honour feel extra special and to add a unique touch to party decorations. This morphed into the online shop you see today where you can buy everything you need to style the perfect party. The personalisable items are still at the core of what Hello Party is about with other decorations sourced by us from around the world to compliment these.

To kick off this new blog off though, I thought I'd give you a little tutorial on how to make our Linkit Rainbow Balloon Garland. It's such a simple and effective party decoration and it's so easy to make and has fast become one of my favourites.

Firstly, get your bits together. You'll need:

It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

1. Inflate the balloons with air and knot the end.

TOP TIP - I suggest you count the pumps of air for each balloon to keep the sizes roughly the same size. Here, I used 6 pumps in each balloon.

2. Work out the order you'd like the colours. In the packet, you'll have 2 of each colour. So you could use 2 by 2 or make 2 garlands of 1 by 1. You could even just do it randomly - It's up to you! I decided to make mine 1 by 1.

Then tie each linkit balloon together. Tie the knot end of one balloon to the tail end of the next until you have the garland you want.

3. That's it! You have a fun rainbow balloon garland. Hang your garland on the wall, drape over the mantle piece or shelves or use as a table centrepiece and you have the perfect party decoration!

I made a little video for you too so you can see for yourself how easy it is!

I'd love to see your balloon garland creations, so please share them with us. You can either email them to louise@helloparty.com, share them on Instagram and tag us @hellopartyinsta, on Twitter @hellopartyuk  or on Facebook.

Use it as a table centre for a fun, bright centrepiece.

Why not try hanging them vertically for a fun backdrop. Here I used our pink ombré garland with some gorgeous peonies to make a super pretty display.

Use it as a table centre for a fun, bright centrepiece.

You could also wrap a faux flower garland with the balloon garland for more prettiness

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