Spring has sprung.

As you may know, I moved out of my office space at the end of last year. My lease was coming to an end so I decided not to renew. I was tired of driving to work every day and the extra expense so it just made sense to start afresh from home.

There was just the small issue of where to keep all the Hello Party stock! That’s where my wonderful dad, aka Magic Malcolm, comes in. He designed and built me the most wonderful shed at the end of my garden. It’s big enough to hold it all! He really is magic. It’s perfect except for one tiny detail….the colour!

A couple of weeks ago the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day so I set to work and painted it. I used Ronseal Garden paint and this glorious shade is ‘Cherry Blossom’ so it’s just perfect for spring. The typical British weather got in the way but I have now finally finished the 3 coats it needed.



I wanted to create something pretty for the big reveal, so I made these adorable balloon daisies. We certainly need some extra joy in our lives right now… what could be better than these pretty daisies simply made out of balloons and paper? Keep reading to see how I did it!





Watch the video below and check out the more detailed instructions underneath.

You will need…

Cut out your templates

Download here & print out your template. Make sure you print at 100% scale so it is the correct size. Cut out the petal and put aside.

If you are making multiple daisies then I recommend you use the balloon sizer too. This helps you keep the balloons all the same size. This is optional but if you want to use it, simply cut the circle out of the paper. Keep the sides intact so that you basically have a perfectly circular hole in your paper.

Prepare your paper

Make a square out of your sheet of A4 paper. I’m using white but this would be cute using coloured paper too! Fold the corner of the paper to the other edge diagonally and crease. Cut the excess off the top and you are left with a perfect square.

Make your petals

Fold this square in half diagonally, then again and again (3 times). Get your petal template and line up the point with your folded paper point and cut around it. Once you have your petal shape, snip off the point, this creates the hole at the centre of your daisy for the balloon to go through. Tidy up the edges of the petals if necessary.

Next make crease down the centre of the petals. Open out your petals and re-fold each of the creases so they facing the same way on each petal. This gives the flower a bit more structure and the petals will stand away from the wall.

Add the centre

Using a hand pump, add a few pumps of air into your balloon. As mentioned earlier, if you are making multiple daisies then I recommend you use the balloon sizer template now as it helps you keep the balloons all the same size. Simply deflate the balloon until it fits snuggly through the hole, then tie a knot. If you’re not worried about the centres being the same size, simply inflate and knot the balloon but keep it as round as possible.

Then put the knot through the hole in your petals and you’re done!

Stick to your wall or backdrop

I recommend you use these handy little balloon hangers as they have a slot for the knot of the balloon attached to a sticky tab that can then attach to the wall or surface. You can just use tape though but be careful not to damage your wall!

When you use the balloon hanger just make sure the slot is in between the base of the balloon and the knot as this will keep it secure, then stick to the wall. Et voila! You have the cutest daisy balloon backdrop.

Mix it up

Why not try mixing up the petal and the balloon centre colours to match your party scheme or use bigger sheets of paper and balloons to create different sized daisies?


I hope you found this useful. As always, please share your photos with me if you give this a go, just tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I love to see what you create.

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