Wimbledon's over for another year, but we're still in the summer party spirit. So in today's blog post, I'm showing you how to make this sweet strawberry garland using heart-shaped balloons! Watch the video and check out the more detailed instructions underneath. Enjoy!


you will need...

  1. Glue tape or glue dots

  2. Twine

  3. Dot stickers & green paper

  4. A balloon hand pump (I used this one)

  5. Pink and red mini heart balloons (I used these)

  6. Curling ribbon (I used this)

  7. Leaf template (download here)

  8. Scissors

let’s get started...

 A. Pump up a heart balloon and tie. 

B. Trim the knot to keep it neat.


C. Stick the yellow dots randomly on both sides of the balloon.


D. Cut a square of green paper about 120 x 120mm & fold in half diagonally 3 times.

E. Download our leaf template, print it out and then cut out the leaf. Then use this as a template to cut out a leaf shape from your green paper. Make sure you snip off the point as this makes the hole in the centre to put the ribbon but be careful not to cut through the folds as you want to keep the leaves in one piece.

F. Open out and you have your leaves.


G. Cut some curling ribbon and make a loop, add glue to both ends of the ribbon, feed loop through the centre of the leaves and stick to the underside.

H. Add some glue to the bottom of the leaves & stick to the top of your balloon.


I. Feed the twine through the loop and repeat until you have the length of garland you like!



So there you have it. How to make a cute strawberry balloon garland. This would not only be perfect for a Wimbledon party but would be great at a summer party or BBQ. Why not try making other fruit and have a whole fruit salad garland! Let me know how you get on and don't forget to share photos when you're finished. 

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