The World Cup is kicking off today so Gerry and I are getting in the mood for a huge dose of the beautiful game over the next few weeks. We thought it would be fun to share some of our ideas on how to throw a World Cup Viewing Party that will be enjoyed by all whatever the result of the game!


1. Check the fixtures

To start with, you will want to decide which game you want to watch at the party. Maybe you’ll save your party for the final or maybe you’ll want to watch England (only joking lads, obviously we believe you’ll be in the final)! You can see all the fixtures here.

Or you can download our handy chart and fill in the scores along the way. It even has some bits to colour in so if the kids get bored of the game they can get the colouring pens out and get stuck in. Download it here.


2. Food

To get into the spirit of the international competition prepare a world tour-on-a-plate for your guests. Why not try the national cuisine from the opposition team?  If you’re playing Russia, try Borscht, Tapas from Spain or Bratwurst and Sauerkraut for Germany. The opportunities are endless and if this seems like too much effort, you can’t go wrong with a good old BBQ or simple finger food.



3. Games

Now, before Thursday’s big kick off, it’s a fun idea to start a sweepstake with your friends and family. We’ve created a fun printable template for you. Simply download it here. Print it out. Cut out the teams. Pop them in a hat and get everyone to pick a team. You could make it ‘interesting’ by getting people to pay for their entry, there would then be cash prizes at the end but it’s entirely up to you. If you don’t have 32 friends, you could always split the teams up between however many of you there are, then you have more chances to win! This will give you an extra edge of enjoyment while watching the games that your country isn’t a part of.

Another spin on this would be game specific. So print the names of all the players on each team, cut them up and divide them amongst everyone, then allocate prizes for who has the names of players that score and forfeits for players that get booked! Make sure you decide on the prizes and forfeits beforehand so there aren’t any arguments.


4. Decorations

Obviously, this is our favourite element of the party! The easiest idea would be to hang flags of the world around the room, it’s effective and festive. You can find these in pretty much any shop at the moment or you could try amazon for lots of options. Like this one.


Get balloons in your team’s colours or stick to classic black and white, you can’t really go wrong. Our linkit balloon garlands  or our balloon clouds kits  would be perfect for this and they’ll probably last for the entire tournament. (Contact us if you would like a balloon cloud kit in your country’s colours and we’ll put a custom kit together for you!)


Another super fun idea would be to write all the countries on balloons in a balloon cloud and each time a team goes out, pop their balloon - you get party decorations and a game in one! It may look a little sad by the time the final comes around so you may want to add a few extra balloons for your World Cup Final party.

Whether you go with full-on decor and themed food or just have a few mates over, we hope you have a kicking time! 

Come on England!

If tennis is more your game, stay tuned for our Wimbledon party ideas! 


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