As Frozen fever shows no signs of diminishing, we know that your little princess will want their favourite icy characters to feature at their birthday party. It can be a bit over whelming and with all the available merchandise there is a danger of going over the top. There’s a good chance yours won’t be the only Frozen party of the year either but fear not, we are here to help with our tips and tricks so your Frozen themed party doesn’t get a frosty reception.

1. Set the scene

This may seem obvious but once you get the foundation everything else will fall into place. Ice, snow and lots of blue and turquoise decorations will beautifully set the scene of Elsa and Anna's wintry magical kingdom. White tablecloths are a simple item that will make the tables look like they’re covered it snow. You can also get fluffy white polyester snow blankets that you can cover shelves and other surfaces to look like snow. Pop the soundtrack on the iPod and have that playing in the background and the mood will be set!

2. Food table

This is probably the easiest place to introduce the Frozen theme. Have fun naming the delights on offer, carrots can be Olaf’s noses, twiglets could be Sven's antlers.

Cut sandwiches or cheese into snowflakes using cookie cutters for an easy way to turn ordinary food into magical, icy morsels.



Meringues look like snowy peaks so are a great option for dessert. Cupcakes simply decorated with white icing and a snowflake will also be a great fit.


3. Decorations

Here at Hello Party we love a bit of DIY and we think it makes a party that much more special if you makes things yourself. Snowflakes are the obvious choice and are easy to make. Use different shades of blue, white and glittery papers to cut out shapes. The Frozen website  has some great templates you can used to help you get started but remember no two snowflakes are the same so you can cut until your hearts content. You could spray small branches/twigs white, add some glitter and hang the snowflakes on them to give a chilly, magical feeling to the room.

You can also get cardboard letters or numbers from your local art or craft shop and can make an effective centrepiece when painted and covered in glitter. You could make the birthday girl’s name or age and display them on the food table. They will love them so much they’ll want to keep them in the bedroom as a memento of the day.

Pom Poms - get the fluffy white wool out and make some fluffy snowballs. You can string several together to make a pretty garland. If you haven’t got time to make pom poms, then hanging small cotton wool balls on lengths of thread from the ceiling to create a snowfall decoration is a quicker alternative!


No party would be complete without personalised posters, banners and bunting from! Our NEW Ice Princess party theme is available now and will compliment any Frozen themed party beautifully. You can personalise posters, banners and bunting to make unique party decorations that will really stand out! We also have a range of other party decorations that would fit in with this theme. Take a look!



4. Games

Musical statues can easily be renamed Frozen statues for a twist on the classic party game! Another update on a classic could be 'pin the tail' on Sven or 'pin the nose' on Olaf.

A Snowball Treasure Hunt will keep the little ones happy. Hide lots of white and a few coloured cotton wool balls around the party area and ask your guests to help search for the hidden snowballs, rewarding them with small gifts or sweets and maybe a bigger prizes to the guests that finds the elusive coloured snow balls.

5. Do you want to build a snowman?

This is one of our favourite songs from the film so why not pop it on the iPod and get all the kids to make snowmen out of marshmallows? You can have chocolate chips on hand for buttons, orange jelly beans for noses, and chocolate matchmakers for arms. As a bonus they can eat them afterwards!


We used toothpicks to hold the marshmallows together, mixed up a bit of white icing (you could also melt a bit of white chocolate) to 'glue' the other elements together then used a black food colouring pen to draw on the details on the face.



6. Karaoke

You can’t have a Frozen party without belting out ‘Let it Go’ at least once. Why not set up a karaoke machine for everyone to have a go or just have a good old singalong with a video from youtube. I bet you know all the words but you can print out the lyrics from the disney website and hand them out.


We hope you find this useful, if you've got any tips let us know!  We'd love to see your photos from your Frozen party too so share them with us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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