It’s nearly here. Yep, Christmas is just around the corner so I thought it’d be nice to get in the Christmas mood with a little craft project. You can do it yourself or sit down with the kids and have some festive crafting fun. These super cute reindeer balloons are fun to make and would make great party favours or Christmas photo props.


To make these friendly reindeer you will need:

  • Reindeer printable template. Download here. 
  • A selection of balloons. I used 5” balloons 
  • Stiff card in your choice of colours. I used mirror black.
  • Craft pom poms
  • A low temperature glue gun or glue dots 
  • Balloon sticks
  • Tinsel or ribbon
  • Black adhesive paper or black marker



Download and print out your reindeer template



Cut out the antlers and use them as a template to draw around on your chosen card stock. Then cut those out. Mark where the dotted line is on the template and fold at this point. This forms a tab to attach to the balloon. 


Next, cut out the ear template and do the same as the antlers and draw around on your chosen card stock. Once you have cut these out, including cutting the slit up the middle of the ear, take one side of the ear and fold it over to the other tab and stick. This forms a little cup shape and it looks like a cute little ear! 



Inflate your chosen balloons. Here I used 5” rose pink, blush and gold balloons. 



Apply the glue from the glue gun or glue dots on the folded part of the antler. Then stick to the top of your balloon. Do the same for the ears and stick them either side of the antlers. 



Next choose your reindeer’s eyes and then use the template to cut around on the black adhesive paper and stick the eyes on the balloon. Alternatively use a marker to draw the eyes directly on the balloon.



Attach a pom pom to the centre of the balloon using the glue gun or a glue dot.



Lastly, attach the balloon to one of your balloon sticks by wrapping the tail around the claw of the stick and you’re done!

As a little finishing touch, I then tied some gold tinsel around the base as a sparkling collar. 

Now you can wave your reindeer and jingle all the way to Christmas!