I just adore this time of year and enjoy any excuse to get festive. To get in the Christmas mood this year, I decided to make my own advent calendar. I love the idea of having personal little treats every day so I got to work.



What I used:

  • A selection of our party bag fillers. Party Bag Fillers & Favours

  • Some sweets and festive chocs.

  • Paper treat bags. Party Bags

  • Paper Cups. Party Cups

  • Balloons (I used gold and light pink). Party Balloons

  • Tags and Stickers. Tags & Stickers

  • Washi tape. Washi Tape

  • Permanent marker

  • Gold and silver pens.

  • Peg board. I got mine from eBay: eBay and painted it in Rust Oleum Chalky Matt Furniture Paint in flint.

  • Pegs. Also from eBay.

  • For the display I also used our cute pink lightbox, you can get yours here.


For each day I alternated between paper bags, paper cups and balloons and I put in one of our party bag fillers, a sweet and a little task or festive promise each day too. Here are some great ideas https://www.amomstake.com/44-christmas-traditions-activities/


I then used our labels and stickers and wrote the numbers from 1 - 24.

I sealed each paper treat bag with washi tape then taped bakers twine in a loop on the back so it can be hung on the peg board.




For the paper cups, I tied bakers twine around the lip of the cup and created a loop for hanging. I didn’t seal the tops of my cups but you could cover with a circle of paper or tissue and then tie the twine of the top of that.


The balloons are a fun idea. I think next year I’ll do all 24 days with balloons!  These are a bit trickier to fill and I found they worked best with smaller and flexible toys.  The stretchy dinosaurs worked perfectly! I also added a few gold stars and a rolled up note. It will be so much fun popping these balloons to retrieve the goodies inside.




To add the days on the balloons I used a couple of methods, on the smaller ones I wrote directly on the balloon with a permanent  marker. I also wrote the number on a tag and dangled it around the neck of the balloon along with a loop for hanging.

I then hung each little parcel randomly on the peg board and draped a festive garland in front with some little fairy lights to add a bit of sparkle.



If you’d like some more ideas, I found a few other fab DIYs that you could get inspiration from and put Pinterest board together for you.  Take a look below.


The lovely thing about making your own is you can really personalise it for the recipient and works for anyone of any age! I really enjoyed putting this together and would love to hear if you make an advent calendar and how you go about doing it!


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