With Halloween slowly creeping up on us, we thought that it’s the perfect time to start planning your Halloween celebration.

Whether you go with a full-on American style Halloween with the whole house decked out in spooky trimmings, are hosting a little gathering for your kids and their chums before heading out to trick or treat or just plan on having a few mates over to watch a classic horror movie hoping no trick or treaters knock on your door, we’ve got all you need to throw your perfect spooky party!

We’ve curated 4 perfectly spooky Halloween party themes...what will your party style be?

Why not find out by taking our fun little quiz, it'll only take a mo (if you can't see the quiz, try refreshing the page). You will also get 20% off your next order so what have you got to lose? 

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If you are a stickler for tradition then this classic Halloween colour scheme is for you. Who can think of Halloween and not think of orange and black? It summons up plump pumpkins and witches with their black hats, cats and cauldrons. We think it's a timeless Halloween theme and it will never go out of fashion.


Next is Mystical Monochrome. Think Jack Skellington's suit in The Nightmare Before Christmas or the dark spooky sky on a clear Halloween Night. Black and white make a sophisticated colour scheme for any occasion but if spooked up for Halloween with spiders webs, skulls and bats you have a perfectly creepy party.


If those two aren't colourful enough for you then a bit of slime green and putrid purple could be for you. It makes me think of Grotbags (showing my age) and stripy witches tights but also of Frankenstein's monster and spooky goings on. This unusual pairing is fast becoming another Halloween classic combination and is often seen with orange too. For a vibrant Halloween theme, you can't go wrong!


Lastly, we have Stylishly Spooky Iridescent. This is probably our favourite of the 4. We think it's fun to go slightly away from a traditional Halloween set-up but we have added pops of purple, black and orange as a nod to those more classic party themes. The iridescence of the plates and the letter banner add a certain spooky, mysticism and a little bit of pretty to the theme.

We had so much fun putting these together and would love to know what you think. Let us know what your favourite is and did it match with the results from the quiz?

Happy Halloween!